Communications Testing Equipment Mfr Improves Process Speed

A large communications testing equipment manufacturer in Santa Rosa, CA needed to replace a gantry system that had been in use for many years.  The gantry is used to solder an edge to a glass plate that is critical in proper sealing for environmental purposes (or grounding for EMI purposes).  These glass plates go on high-tech applications such as aircraft displays.  Their existing system was very basic, undersized, and slow.

Valin’s technical specialists came in and assessed the system and recommended a complete solution, not just a replacement gantry.  Our solution consisted of a Parker Electromechanical design to upgrade the mechanics, motors, drives and controls, a base, machine guarding, electrical cabinet, and wiring.
Two of our sales engineers presented this solution directly to the customer - one focused on the mechanics & controls and the other on industrial engineering. This allowed the customer’s manufacturing engineers to see directly how our design improved their process speed and reliability.  We also solved their other issues by providing ways to lift and protect the gantry, as well as improve the protection of the operator and sensitive electronics.

If the engineer had simply purchased the gantry, he would still have had many challenges to overcome.  The benefits of our design addressed all of his challenges.  We gave him the ability to show his bosses a solution that provided them a faster, cleaner, more robust and reliable system by using our services.