Chemical Dispensing Company Decreases Control Integration Time


A customer that designs cost effective chemical dispense systems, wet process equipment and slurry dispense systems for the semiconductor industry contacted Valin for automation assistance. Many of their wet bench and chemical handling systems include automated handling of cassettes to transfer from one chemical bath to another. The customer was finding it challenging to integrate control components from different suppliers, especially when it came to the automated systems. They would be as late as a two or three weeks delivering systems because the integration of the control components did not go smoothly, or they could not get support when needed. They also faced challenges in making programming changes to meet the needs of the different configurations.


Valin's application engineering and sales team showed the engineers at the company how we could save them money and speed up their delivery time by offering components that we could provide extensive support and training on. The cost of the components was slightly more expensive to what they were using, but they were wasting so much time with the integration, that it was eating up their profits. Our solution included control components that either came from the same manufacturer, or used parts that we had experience integrating. This made it easier to integrate parts and the customer now only had to make one phone call to Valin for technical support if they had issues.

Customer Benefits

Valin was able to provide helpful technical information (such as wiring documents, programming suggestions and component selection) at the time of specification so the customer could complete accurate wiring diagrams more easily (which meant less trouble-shooting at the time the machine was built and tested). Things that previously took a week to complete were now done in a day. The customer realized an immediate increase in productivity.