Changing Air Cylinder to ROBO Cylinder Improved Cycle Time

Application:  Applying a liquid solution to a copper twisting machine – CT-Effects Application Example

  • Air Cylinders were used to move the syringe to apply solution to the copper wires
  • Uneven amounts of solution were supplied to the felt when low speeds caused instability
  • In an attempt to fix the unevenness, the discharge amount was increased but became excessive. This caused failures that led to Choco Tei* in the process

* Choco Tei = Stopping for a brief period, Idling in production line.

Improvement Details:

The ROBO Cylinder stabilized the movement of the syringe and fixed the unevenness.

Actuator Type: RCP2-SA6C

Improvement Results
  • Saved the amount of solution used
  • Eliminated Choco Tei in the process
Cycle Time Improved: 7sec →5sec

Choco Tei Reduced: 30min/day →zero

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