CA Oil and Gas Co Saves $100K with Failsafe Electric Actuation

Valin® was asked to provide a compact, failsafe electric actuation solution for high torque metal seated ball valves in a severe process application. This proved to be a challenge because air was not available. Therefore, electric or hydraulic solutions were the primary options. In addition, this was an outdoor application where seasonal temperature swings range from freezing temperatures in the winter, to desert like (120°F) temps in the summer, so a rugged solution was a necessity.
Valin® application specialists sized and selected a valve/actuator/torque increaser combination that:
1) provides sufficient torque (and safety factor) to operate in this application (1020 PSI Steam @ 550F) and
2) allows for a failsafe ESD operation with the use of an integral battery backup option. Products selected - Metal Seated Ball Valve: PBV Union Tech Z1 series unidirectional MSBV Electric Actuator: Valvcon ADC Series with battery back-up 3:1 Torque Increaser: by Dynatorque). Normal offerings would be a more expensive electro-hydraulic actuator with long lead times and non-direct distribution relationships.
Valin® was able to save this customer approximately $100K with the solution and about 4-6 weeks in lead time. Contractors are held to a high standard regarding delivery with this customer, and this project schedule was decreased substantially with our solution.
Valin® brought a proven solution to a new application. The cost of the Valvcon/ Dynatorque torque increaser is less than half the cost of an equivalent competitive offering and Valin®’s delivery exceeded the client’s needs. Valin® had the knowledge, resourcefulness and expertise (30 years+) to provide a solution that expanded the use of a standard Valin® product (Valvcon).