Benefit of Adapting Serial-Based Controllers to Ethernet

By Corey Foster


By adapting serial-based controllers to Ethernet-based networks, customers can lay the hardware groundwork required to take advantage of the Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) software concepts, allowing quicker response times and proactive maintenance strategies with predictive maintenance


Older systems with controllers have serial-based communication methods. These methods are not compatible with modern Ethernet-based communications, which allow controllers to communicate over networks.  Even modern controllers still have serial-based communications, even if they have Ethernet options.  Without a communication connection to a network of some kind, which is typically Ethernet-based, each system is an isolated island requiring individual attention and has limited ability to proactively signal problems to the maintenance personnel.


By using serial device servers, a serial-based controller can be put on a network.  This network can be Ethernet-based with its medium being CAT5 cable, fiber optic or wireless.  With this hardware connection in place, software functionality can then be implemented (either at the device or supervisory level) to move information easily from one place to another at the right time for the right people.

Serial Adaptation to Networks


By responding to problems more quickly and being more proactive with predictive maintenance strategies, customers can operate leaner with less down time and more production time.

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