Ammunitions Manufacturer Simplifies Process | Custom Manifold

Valin’s technical team was approached by a company that manufactures ammunition for sporting enthusiasts and law enforcement agencies. The customer has an in-house integration group that designs and builds machines for use throughout their facility. The machine design group has always struggled with pneumatic valve manifolds and needed a compact valve manifold with Ethernet/IP communication. Traditional valve manifolds were physically large and the Ethernet/IP communication modules difficult to configure.

Valin's technical specialists identified a product that would fulfill the customer’s needs and simplify their process. ASCO Numatics’ valve manifold with a G3 communication module was the perfect solution. Not only would this single system give the customer exactly what they needed, but Valin was able to supply 20 custom pneumatic cylinders for their project in days instead of weeks!

The customer was able to specify and order a custom turnkey pneumatic valve manifold with a single part number instead of receiving a box of parts for assembly. Their purchasing and receiving was simplified with fewer line items to order and receive, and assembly was simplified by providing an out-of-the-box assembled configuration. Setup was also simplified by technology inherent in the supplied equipment. Physical form factor of the supplied equipment saved installation space and quick product delivery enabled faster machine assembly and startup.

The customer is extremely satisfied with Valin’s service and they made us the vendor of choice for pneumatic equipment.