Sensors on Wireless Networks Will Help Take Advantage of IIoT

By Corey Foster


By putting sensors on wireless networks, customers can lay the hardware groundwork required to take advantage of Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) software concepts allowing quicker response times and proactive maintenance strategies with predictive maintenance.


Some of systems’ most critical pieces of information are in difficult locations to access by personnel.  A simple way is needed to gain access to that information and move it to a more convenient location.


Sensors can be easily connected to a wireless network greatly easing the challenges of moving their important information from one place to another.

By putting sensors on a network, their information can be transmitted to any location the information is needed.  With this connection in place, software functionality can then be implemented at the supervisory level to decide what to do with that information, whether it is to notify maintenance personnel of a problem or operators of changed conditions.

Sensors to Wireless


By responding to problems more quickly and being more proactive with predictive maintenance strategies, customers can operate leaner with less down time and more production time.

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