Multi Axis Cartesian Robots

Multi axis cartesian robots are preconfigured to reduce installation and setup times. Valin offers many variations to support 2 to 6-axis configurations. The multi-slider types let you reduce space and cycle time. We can also design specifications with rotational axis(es), or customize the optimum model that suits your specific needs.

Pre-engineered Cartesian Robots versus Modular Gantries

Multi Axis Cartesian Robot Line up offered by IAI

IAI CRS Cartesian Type 6-Axis Robot
Robot with 6 degrees of freedom combining 3 cartesian and 3 rotational axes.
  • Operations with a high degree of freedom are possible including rotation and turning.
  • An optimal stroke size can be selected for each of X, Y and Z axes.
  • Battery-less absolute encoders are equipped standard.

ICS(P)B Cartesian configuration type with battery-less absolute encoder equipped as standard.
  • Home return and home sensor not necessary.
  • Removal of current work-pieces is not necessary even in emergency stop.
  • High Speed
IK Series Cartesian Robot
The ROBO Cylinder® RCP6 Series has been adopted to achieve even higher speeds compared with conventional models.
  • Equipped with high resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard.
  • Higher Speed than previous IK series

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