Multi Axis Cartesian Robots

Submitted on Wed, 05/31/2017
Multi Axis Cartesian Robot by Intelligent Actuator, Inc.
Multi axis cartesian robots are preconfigured to reduce installation and setup times. Valin offers many variations to support 2 to 6-axis configurations. The multi-slider types let you reduce space and cycle time. We can also design specifications with rotational axis(es), or customize the optimum model that suits your specific needs.

High Speed Cartesian Robots

High-speed cartesian robots shorten assembly/inspection cycle times by operating at high speed, ensuring high rigidity and demonstrating excellent straight moving performance.
  • Maximum speed 2.5m/s, maximum acceleration/deceleration 3.2G
  • The standard cycle time is 32% less than a conventional cartesian robot
  • Rotational axis specification and pick-and-rotate specification are added to the series

IAI Multi Axis Cartesian Robot ICSB/ICSPB

The ICSB/ICSPB Series Cartesian Robots selected the most frequently used seven 2-axis configuration and seven 3-axis configuration patterns which include brackets and cabling ready to be assembled immediately after delivery.

Great Improvements in Performance

Great improvements in precision, payload, acceleration and deceleration compared to the conventional ICSA series models.

ICSB Stats

Many Variations Available

The 2-axis and 3-axis units each have seven types of configurations available. With options for axis size and configuration direction, you are able to select from a total of 834 variations.

Cable Track Option for Customer Provided Device

You have the option of connecting a customer provided device to the XYB/XYBG types through the use of a cable track.

No Cable Track Overhang

Since the mounting position of the cable track was moved, it no longer sticks out from the main device, meaning you do not have to worry about interference from surrounding objects.

2-Axis Configuration

We selected the seven most frequently used configurations with brackets and cabling ready to be assembled. This wide variety lineup of configurations ranges from lightweight to heavyweight, short stroke to long stroke, and the optimal device can be selected based on your intended use.
  • XYB (Y-axis Base Mount) Type
  • XYS (Y-axis Slider Mount) Type
  • XZ (Z-axis Upright Mount) Type
  • YZS (Z-axis Slider Mount) Type
  • YZB (Z-axis Base Mount) Type
  • XYG (Y-axis Flat-mounted Gantry) Type
  • XYBG (Y-axis Side-mounted Gantry) Type

3-Axis Configuration

The 3-axis configuration type uses the 2-axis XYB (XY base mount) type and XYG/XYBG (XY gantry) type as a base, with the added vertical Z-axis. Furthermore, the XZY type, which uses the XZ (Z-axis upright mount) type as a base with the added Y-axis, has also been added to the lineup.
  • XYB (Y-axis Base Mount) + Z-axis Base Mount Type
  • XYB (Y-axis Base Mount) + Z-axis Slider Mount Type
  • XZ (Z-axis Upright Mount) + Y-axis Slider Mount Type
  • XYG (Y-axis Flat-mounted Gantry) + Z-axis Base Mount Type
  • XYG (Y-axis Flat-mounted Gantry) + Z-axis Slider Mount Type
  • XYBG (Y-axis Side-mounted Gantry) + Z-axis Base Mount Type
  • XYBG (Y-axis Side-mounted Gantry) + Z-axis Slider Mount Type

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