Factory Mutual Approved Limit Controllers Prevent Overheating

Omron E5CC Limit Controller
One of the primary concerns of every company is to protect their business (personnel, machines, etc.) from a property loss. To minimize or altogether eliminate property loss, companies use products that conform to the Factory Mutual standard. Omron now offers FM Approved Temperature Limit Controllers in three E5_C series formats that help protect processes against runaway heating or cooling systems. They act as a watchdog for temperature controllers.

What’s a Temperature Limit Controller?

As defined by Factory Mutual, “It is an automatic supervising device used with other equipment to protect against abnormal temperatures by operating electrical contacts in the event of primary temperature controlling equipment failure. The primary application involves protection against an excessive temperature that may otherwise result in a fire hazard. A temperature limit controller that protects against an abnormally low temperature is also considered in the interest of property conservation.“

In a typical “High Limit” application, the operator sets the limit set point (SP) a few degrees below the temperature that would cause an unsafe condition. If the set point is reached the FM Limit Controller output relay contact opens to shutdown the heat source. The relay will not automatically reset after the temperature goes below the set point value. The operator must manually either push the ”PF” button or activate a remote reset switch.

Key Features and Benefits
  • 11-segment display clearly shows the letters, eliminating the need to decipher the symbols while performing parameter settings
  • Annunciator Output Warning Function: hazard lights and buzzers can be wired on the devices alert the user of potential problems.
  • Reset Limit Outputs using Event Inputs: Multiple limit outputs can be reset remotely using event inputs. Order Event Inputs option..
  • Input Error Output Function: Alarm signals are output if a sensor disconnection or other input error occurs.

Target Markets and Applications

The E5_C-600 is ideal for any application where the need to prevent a “temperature runaway” condition that can compromise operator safety, or damage equipment and product.
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Furnaces
  • Kilns
  • Incinerators
  • Boilers

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