OPTIMAX® Heat Exchanger

OPTIMAX® Gas Line Heat Exchanger
Watlow’s new OPTIMAX® heat exchanger helps you achieve a more efficient Capex. New technology combined with optimal dynamics, efficient heat transfer, low pressure drop and a compact and reliable package to create a world-class system solution.

EFD (enhanced fluid dynamic) technology provides advanced flow throughout the system without compromising the integrity of the fluid, heating elements and/or vessel. Fluid temperatures are further optimized through the use of OFT (optimized film temperature) technology in the heating elements. These, coupled together, provide an accelerated heat transfer rate, allowing the vessel to perform consistently at shorter lengths, or smaller shell diameters. In addition, the OPTIMAX can be designed for backwards compatibility with existing designs. Watlow has validated these technologies through CFD/FEA modeling, as well as over 5000 hours of laboratory testing.

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Performance Capabilities

  • Wattages up to three megawatts
  • UL® and CSA component recognition up to 600VAC and IEC and ATEX recognition up to 690VAC
  • ANSI compatible 3 through 48 inch flanges
  • Hazardous area ratings:
    • ATEX 2 G Ex d IIC, T1 – 6 Gb
    • IEC Ex d IIC: T1 – 6 Gb
    • ATEX 2 G Ex e IIC T1 – 6 Gb
    • IEC Ex e IIC T1 – 6 Gb
    • Class 1, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B, C & D
    • PESO, Zone 1 Group IIC
  • ASME code welding
    • Flange assemblies and pressure vessels can be provided with an ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 or Section IV code stamp upon request
  • OPTIMAX is compatible with Watlow’s control panel systems

OPTIMAX® Certifications


  • Helps you to achieve a more efficient CAPEX
  • Engineered for optimal performance
  • ANSI compatible or similar, 3 through 48 sizes
  • Power duty up to 3 megawatts


  • Smaller and lighter than traditional heat exchangers to help reduce overall footprint by almost 50 percent
  • Enhanced fluid dynamics (EFD) and optimized film temperature (OFT) proprietary technologies provides advanced flow throughout the system, improving heat transfer.  This allows a vessel to perform consistently at shorter lengths
  • Over 5,000 hours of laboratory testing validates proprietary technologies

Optimax Comparison


Optimax Specs

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