Naftosense FLD-xRTD Self-Powered Monitoring Module

FLD-xRTD Self-Powered Monitoring Module
FLD-xRTD is a self-powered intrinsically safe Monitoring module designed for rapid response to detecting leaks of refined products or crude oils in extreme environmental conditions. The monitoring module is engineered for outdoor installation in challenging environmental conditions. Its measurement frontend is designed for interfacing with reusable, fully passive hydrocarbon sensor cables and sensing probes manufactured by Naftosense.

The multiplexed architecture of the monitoring module allows up to 8 individual sensor sections not exceeding 82 ft (25 m) per FLD-xRTD.

Advanced measurement techniques and data treatment algorithms are used to provide intelligent thresholding for eliminating the nuisance alarm due to the presence of motor/lube oils, greases, residues of old leaks, etc.

The variable resistance outputs of the Monitoring module emulate standard Pt100 RTD for direct interfacing to 3rd party temperature transmitters. This feature allows cost-efficient interfacing to third-party wireless transmitters available worldwide and easy testing and troubleshooting using a regular multimeter.

The monitoring module is self-powered by internal non-replaceable Lithium Thionyl battery. The expected operational life of FLD- xRTD is more than 12 years even at arctic temperatures.

FLD-xRTD is approved for installation in classified locations according to FM, Atex, IECEx and other North American approvals. Designed only to be used with all Naftosense sensors and 3rd party hard wired or wireless resistance transmitters.

FLD-xRTD Self-Powered Monitoring Module Features

  • Detects reliably viscous hydrocarbons at very low temperatures
  • True multi-leak capability
  • Real-time transmission of sensor contamination Intelligent thresholding with adjustable sensitivity to avoid nuisance alarms from base line contamination
  • Emulates industry standard Pt100 RTD for direct interfacing with existing monitoring infrastructure or wireless transmitters
  • Very wide operating temperatures range
  • Able to detect the vapors diffused in the soil after spill from underground pipes
  • 10-year warranty

FLD-xRTD Self-Powered Monitoring Module Applications

  • Leak detection in Oil & Gas facilities
  • Detection of leaking fuel from airport hydrant systems, military, custody transfer generators and plumbing in demanding environments installations in harsh outdoor, demanding environmental conditions
  • Leak detection in refineries, tank farms, mainline pipe sections, or repair sites
  • Oil-on-water leak detection in sumps, retention ponds, saturated soil areas, etc.
  • Monitoring of oil wells
  • Leak detection in downstream and fuel retail facilities

FLD-xRTD Self-Powered Monitoring Module Approvals

Approved for use in:
  • In the US: Intrinsically safe - Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D, Class I, Zone 0, AEx ia IIC
  • Atex: Intrinsically safe – II 1 G, Ex ia IIC Gb T4
  • IECEx: Intrinsically safe – Ex ia IIC Gb T4
  • Tested by FM Approvals for compliance as per FM Class 3610

Download Naftosense FLD-xRTD Self-Powered Monitoring Module Datasheet

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