FRP and FRS Infrared Comfort Heaters

FRP/FRS Series Infrared Heater are perfect for total or supplement (spot) heating in commercial and industrial areas, assembly lines, aircraft hangers, work stations and shipping areas. These heaters also provide snow melting for waiting areas and entryways, stairs, parking lots, driveways and loading docks, and smoking areas. The FRP/FRS Series are available with stainless steel or painted steel enclosure. The double element and triple element heaters provide concentrated heating capacity in a single infrared radiant heater.

Type FRP

Type FRP

20 gauge galvanized steel enclosure and heater support /wiring compartment painted in a Statuary Bronze high temperature powder coat finish.


Type FRS

Type FRS

Type 304, brush finished, 20 gauge, stainless steel enclosure and heater support / wiring compartment for applications requiring additional corrosion resistance.

Standard Features

  • Two or Three element design.
  • Painted or Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Heavy gauge bright anodized aluminum reflectors (Optional - gold anodized), offer a wide selection of beam patterns.
  • Easy one-person installation - attach upper mounting support to ceiling or optional wall bracket, rough in wiring, hang heater by tabs to complete wiring, swing heater into place to complete installation.


  • Metal Sheath, Quartz Tube or Quartz Lamp elements – used interchangeably provides the flexibility necessary for multiple application projects.
  • Metal sheathed elements – used indoors, or outdoors protected from the wind, in areas where physical abuse is a problem.
  • Quartz Tube and Quart Lamp – used indoors and outdoors in areas where abuse is not a problem for snow melting and spot heating.
  • Pigtail element leads for a more positive connection on applications where physical abuse is a problem.

Download the FRP/FRS Series Infrared Heater Datasheet

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