Series SPNII - Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators from Sharpe®

Series SPNII - Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators from Sharpe®
Double-opposed piston, rack and pinion, pneumatic actuators for fast, efficient, and economical operation of ball, butterfly, and other rotary valves.

Series SPNII - Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuators Features:

  • Rack & pinion design
  • The standard actuator configuration has an epoxy coated, hard anodized aluminum body and epoxy coated end caps.
  • Inside surface finish (Ra 0.4-0.6μm) to minimize friction and to maximize the life of the actuator.
  • Standard applications for temperature ranges from -4°F to 180°F.
  • Special options for extreme temperatures (upon request).
  • Piston bearing made of material with a low friction coefficient to avoid metal-on-metal contact, easily replaceable for maintenance.
  • Base drilling, for valve mounting and centering, according to ISO 5211/DIN 3337 standards.
  • The indicator is designed to remain on the actuator for continuous indication when limit switch is not being used. (Not available on SPN II 032)
  • Independent bidirectional travel stop adjustment ±5° ensuring precise positioning in all flow control services. (Not available on SPN II 032)
  • Direct mounted solenoid connections according to NAMUR standards.
  • Same body and end caps for double acting and spring return.
  • Air supply can be dry or lubricated filter compressed air. Pressure: 40 psi to 120 psi.
  • The lubrication carried out by the manufacturer qualifies for a minimum 1,000,000 operations.
  • Epoxy coating is a deposit of powder on clear sandblasted pieces. The chemical process is easily kept under control and after coating, the pieces must be subjected to heat treatment. Epoxy painting of actuators is advised where environment is strongly aggressive. With the exception of certain solvents, epoxy coatings resist acids and alkali, and also has a good resistance to UV rays. In order to retain its properties, the coating must not be scratched.
  • Multi-function position indicator with NAMUR slot to allow confirmation of position.
  • The SPN II features inserts to allow easy conversion to many square and diamond valve stems. There are also double D along with round bores with keyway inserts for the same actuators for butterfly applications. The pinion is drilled deeper then standard actuators. The SPN II series has mounting plates for the transition of the bolt circles of the actuator to be used with other industry standards for butterfly valves.
  • For conditions or applications that demand the most from equipment, Sharpe® offers our SPNII with chemical nickel plating. These actuators are designed to be a cost effective option in comparison to stainless steel actuators. The Nickel plating is done through chemical impregnation to provide uniform coverage and protection. The bath is a mixture of nickel and phosphorous to provide excellent qualities in: hardness, wear resistance, appearance and its inherent ability to withstand many wash-down applications that actuators with standard finishes cannot.

Sharpe® Series SPNII Pneumatic Actuator Datasheet

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