XLM Series Linear Motor Stages from Parker

For machinery or instrument builders who need smooth motion and high precision, Parker offers the XLM series. The XLM is a linear positioner that provides micron level precision in three different profile widths from 125mm to 200 mm. Its modular design allows for easy assembly of multi-axis systems.

The XLM series is a precision machined, profiled guide linear positioner which is driven with linear servo motor technology, and utilizes selectable levels of linear encoder technology that are configured to match the application need.

Within each form factor, Parker offers three options:
  • Open Design for the most cost effective and lowest profile solution
  • Covered Design for protection where an open design is not practical
  • Sealed Design for additional environmental protection

Open Design - Type UA/UB

Open Design - Type UA/UB
Open Design for the most cost effective and lowest profile solution. Lightest in weight and physically the smallest of the three styles, the open design also operates with less friction for higher efficiency. Designed to be installed within a protected area while bringing an economical approach through:
  • Lower profile
  • Narrower width
  • Less operating friction

Covered Design - Type CA,CB, CC

Covered Design - Type CA,CB, CC
Covered Design for protection where an open design is not practical. The covered design incorporates a solid top cover which provides effective protection against material or objects that may drop onto the stage. Friction is not increased by the cover, so operating efficiency is not affected.
  • Solid top cover
  • Protection against falling materials
  • No increase in friction

Sealed Design - Type SA, SB, SC

Sealed Design - Type SA, SB, SC
Sealed Design for additional environmental protection. This takes the covered version a step further with side seals in addition to a solid top cover. This provides ingress protection to IP30, preventing entry of foreign objects 2.5mm and larger.
  • IP30 environmental protection
  • Protection against objects >2.5mm

The XLM family of positioners are ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from imaging systems in digital pathology equipment to metrology instruments in semiconductor or electronics manufacturing. Designed with low Abbe error, consistently accurate positioning is provided.

Know that the XLM has been designed with typical instrument regulations and certifications in mind as all versions meet CE and RoHS requirements.

One of the biggest advantages offered by the XLM series is its modular design, allowing multiple axis systems to be assembled easily. Whether the application calls for a relatively simple X-Y configuration or a more complex multi-axis gantry. Integrated cable management helps to provide a clean and easy to install package, saving on the cost of additional components and the time to install them.

Finally, the XLM provides ease of connectivity. Parker’s proven range of servo drives and controls are available for a complete solution from a single, trusted source, but the flexibility of the XLM allows the use of a wide range of drives and controls provided by others.

XLM Series Linear Motor Stages Features

  • Three form factors: 125mm, 145mm, and 200mm width
  • Three enclosure options
  • Six different linear encoder options
  • Ironless linear motor technology
  • Standard travel options ranging from 40mm to 1500mm stroke
  • Efficient cable management system
  • Integrated and adjustable limit sensing
  • Complete error mapping on each unit with linear slope correction value provided
  • CE and RoHS Compliance

XLM Series Linear Motor Stages Application

  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Metrology
  • Life Sciences
  • Semiconductor

Download XLM Series Linear Motor Stages Datasheet

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