Velcon DI/DSO Water Coalescing/Separation

Velcon DI/DSO Water Coalescing and Separation
Velcon DI/DSO Water Coalescing and Separation: Particulate and Water Removal from Diesel Fuel

As fuel is transported from the refinery to its point-of-use, it can quickly become contaminated from silica, pipe scale, and water condensate. These contaminants rapidly deteriorate fuel cleanliness far below engine manufacturers minimum for fuel cleanliness.

Parker Velcon's DI coalescers in combination with DSO separators, contaminated fuels are cleaned to a level that meets stringent downstream fuel cleanliness standards for petroleum based diesel fuels.

The first stage in the DI coalescer removes particles through an inside-out flow and coalesces emulsified water into large droplets, which then fall to the housing sump. In the second stage, an outside-in process, the DSO separator creates a hydrophobic barrier to block the coalesced water droplets from flowing downstream of the housing. This multi-stage design assures the fuel is conditioned to a clean and dry state, ready for use.

  • Extended equipment up-time
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reliable fuel injector performance
  • Improved equipment up-time
  • Reduced fuel system maintenance

Tiered Ratings:
  • Parker Velcon's 4 micron coalescer combines leading-edge particle removal with world-class coalescing technology to provide optimal fuel cleanliness
  • The 10 and 25 micron rated filter coalescer provides effective particle removal with industry proven coalescing technology

Product Specifications:
  • All filter components compatible with petroleum based diesel fuels
  • Downstream free-water level typically below 50 ppm
  • Recommended change out pressure: 25 psid (1.7 bar)
  • Buna-N sealing materials standard
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150°F (65°C)
  • 6” (15.2 cm) outer diameter
  • DI coalescer flow direction inside to outside
  • DSO separator flow direction outside to inside

  • Water coalescing is not effective in the presence of fuels containing high levels of surfactants/alcohols or unrefined biofuels
  • Detergents and additives inhibits the ability of coalescers to effectively remove water by reducing Interfacial Tension (IFT) and can eventually disarm coalescers

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