Transformer Oil Transfer and Flushing System

Transformer Oil Transfer and Flushing System
Valin’s Transformer Oil Transfer and Flushing System was designed for use in Mines and Power Plants. They are designed to restore insulating oils used in transformer, switching equipment and circuit breakers.

We use the latest dryer filters, including new super-absorbent medias. These filters provide efficient filtration of insulating oils by removing free water and carbon particles to restoring dielectric strength. Valin’s Transformer Oil Transfer and Flushing System is self-contained to eliminate the opportunity for outside contamination, and is equipped with integral pumps, ball valves, suction and filling hose reels, power cord reel and separate storage tanks for clean and used oil for safe, convenient operation.

Transformer Oil Transfer & Flushing System Components:

  • Filter/Dryer
  • Clean Oil Tank (30 gallons)
  • Electric Panel Motor Starters
  • Electrical Reel (150’ cable)
  • Used Oil Tank (30 gallons)
  • Used Oil Pump Assembly
  • Containment Tray (40 gallon capacity)
  • Used Oil Hose Reel (35’ suction rated 1” hose)
  • Clean Oil Hose Reel (50’ hose ¾”)

Reservoirs have removable tops for easy cleaning and maintenance and are designed to run on 110VAC electrical service.

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