Starlette Plus-E (SPS) Series Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers

Starlette Plus-E (SPS) Series Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers
Parker recently announced the launch of their SPS (Starlette Plus-E) Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers with new low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant, R513A. The new SPS Series will replace Parker's current SPE Series – both designed for compressed air flow rates of 10 – 250 scfm.

The current SPE with R134a refrigerant has a GWP of 1430. With a GWP as low as 573, the new SPS reduces the global warming potential by nearly 60%. This change reflects Parker’s commitment to manufacture high quality, high performing products with the lowest impact on the environment. 

The new SPS Series maintains all the features, benefits and sizes of the current SPE range with added value provided by the new low GWP refrigerant, R513A.

Starlette Plus-E (SPS) Series Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers Advantages

  • Parker Starlette Plus-E refrigeration dryers are developed around a state-of-the-art aluminum heat exchanger (E-Pack), with a patent pending all-in-one design.

  • The E-Pack heat exchanger is designed with a large air/air heat exchanger to pre-cool the incoming hot, saturated compressed air and therefore reduce energy consumption.

  • The highly efficient E-Pack design results in a refrigeration circuit that uses a smaller volume of refrigerant than other comparable dryers and offers one of the lowest absorbed powers in the industry.

  • The E-Pack design utilizes low pressure drop, cross flow heat exchangers to reduce operational costs.

  • The E-pack heat exchanger includes a high efficiency stainless steel demister separator for liquid removal over all operating conditions.

  • Environmentally friendly, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant gas, R513A, on all units.

  • All models are equipped as standard with a digital controller that includes an indication of compressed air temperature, volt free alarm contact, service reminder and integral timed drain control.

  • All StarlettePlus-E models are ETL listed.

  • Optional Energy Saving (ES) models (SPS075 – SPS0250) saves energy by matching power consumption to compressed air demand. The ES models adjust to partial load conditions by allowing the refrigerant compressor to cycle off.

Download Parker Starlette Plus-E (SPS) Series Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers Datasheet

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