Parker Velcon TP3 Series Stationary Filter System

Parker Velcon TP3 Series Stationary Filter System
The Parker Velcon TP3 was developed in response to the industry’s desire to reduce operation and maintenance costs and increase system reliability. Stationary Filter Systems have proven to be an effective means of combating load tap changer and other industrial oil problems. Tap changers retrofitted with a TP3 enjoy the following:

  • Consistent high oil dielectric strength
  • Extended maintenance/inspection intervals
  • Reduced contact wear and coking
  • Extended oil life
  • Reduced contact erosion via reduced restrikes during tap changing

Recommended for Installation on Systems That...

  • Perform a high number of operations
  • Exhibit consistent sludging conditions
  • Have a high tap-to-tap voltage difference
  • Require frequent attention

Quality components and comprehensive design features have made the TP3 an industry standard for on-line filtration. All components are fully enclosed in cabinet. Operation of the unit is unattended. A flow rate of 3 gpm keeps turbulence in the reservoir to a minimum and allows for maximum filter life.

TP3 Series Stationary Filter System Features

Automatic Shut-Off (MK2 & MK3): Pressure switch turns the system off when filter is plugged. Relay can be wired to remote alarm or indicator light

Oil Make-Up: Oil reservoir can be topped off using 3-way valve oil make-up port

Hour Meter (MK2 & MK3): Records run time of system to assure user of consistent operation

Timer (MK2): 24-hour mechanical timer can be set for hours of daily operation

Flexible Operation (MK3): Digital electronic timer can be programmed for multiple operating sequences. Internal battery keeps program in memory during power loss

Download Parker-Velcon TP3 Series Stationary Filter System Datasheet

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