Parker Velcon CLEANDiesel Filtration

Parker Velcon's CLEANDiesel products are designed for filtration of solid and separation of water contaminants from bulk diesel fuel.

Bulk diesel fuels may leave a refinery clean, but the quality of the fuel can vary at dispensing due to contamination accumulated during transportation and storage. Operators report that 90% of engine issues are due to dirt and/or water in the fuel. More diesel engines are adopting high pressure common rail (HPCR) systems and demands for removal of abrasive particles smaller than 6 microns are common for buk diesel fuel filtration.

For nearly 60 years, Parker Velcon has supplied filters for fuel conditioning for applications from 5 to > 25,000 gpm. They manufacture a range of quality filtration and separations products to meet the most stringent clean diesel and biodiesel fuel market specification. With the world's largest indoor fuel laboratory, our products are tested to perform when you need it.

CLEANDiesel Filtration for Diesel and Biodiesel Transfer Points


Download Parker Velcon CLEANDiesel Filtration for Diesel and Biodiesel Transfer Points

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