Parker Velcon 2" CDF® Fuel Monitor Cartridges

EI 1583 7th Edition Qualified Fuel Monitor Cartridges CDF® Replacement Cartridges Assure Clean Dry Fuel Delivery

Parker Velcon 2" CDF® Fuel Monitor Cartridges
The Parker Velcon CDF® P Series cartridges provide superior performance and reliability in standard fuel monitor housings through a unique, combination of media that absorbs water and filters solids that might be present in the fuel while helping reduce static charge build-up inside the vessel.

The injection molded endcaps bond with the media and with the O-ring seal on the outlet end. This minimizes the possibility of bypassing contaminated fuel or transmission of water downstream at low flow rates.

As the cartridge removes water and/or contaminant from the influent fuel the pressure differential will increase along with a decrease in flow rate. These changes are the result of flow restriction caused by dirt retention or water absorption in the media. The rate of these changes depends on the quantity of water or contamination in the fuel


CDF® Fuel Monitor Cartridges Features

  • CDF® P Series are qualified to EI 1583 7th Edition specification for aviation fuel filter monitors
  • Improved salt water performance
  • Conductive end caps and adhesive to reduce static charge within the vessel.
  • O-Ring seal minimizes the possibility of bypassing contaminated fuel at differential pressures up to 175 psi.
  • Rugged construction collapse strength exceeds 175 psi differential pressure

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