Parker PVS Portable Purification System

Parker PVS Series Portable Purification System

PVS Series - Models 185, 600, 1200, 1800 and 2700 Portable Purification Systems

The PVS Series Portable Purification Systems, available in several models, is used to draw water contaminated fluid out of a system, remove the water content and return the ‘clean’ fluid to the reservoir. Maximum flow 170 l/min (PVS2700).

Product Features:
  • PVS draws water contaminated fluid out of a system
  • Removes water, air and particulate content and returns the ‘clean’ fluid to the reservoir
  • Maximum flow 170 l/min (PSV2700)
  • Reduce the catastrophic results of water contamination

Effects of Water Contamination:
  • Water is one of the most common and destructive contaminants in a fluid system. When water
  • contaminates a system, it can cause serious problems such as:
  • Corrosion by etching metal
  • Fluid breakdown, reduction of lubricating properties, additive precipitation, and oil oxidation
  • Reduced dielectric strength
  • Abrasive wear in hydraulic components

Free water occurs when oil becomes saturated and cannot hold any more water. This water is usually seen as cloudy oil or puddles of water at the bottom of an oil reservoir. Water which is absorbed into the oil is called dissolved water. At higher temperatures, oil has the ability to hold more water in the dissolved stage due to the expansion of oil molecules. As the oil cools, this ability reverses and free water will appear where not visible before. In addition to temperature, fluid type also determines the saturation point for your system.

Principles of Operation:
Contaminated oil is drawn into the Parker portable purification system by a vacuum of 25 In/Hg. The oil passes through the in-line low watt density heater/s where the oil is heated to an optimum temperature of 66°C (150°F).

The oil then enters the distillation column where it is exposed to the vacuum through the use of dedicated dispersal elements. This increases the exposed surface area of the oil and converts the water to a vapor form, which is then drawn through the condenser by the vacuum pump. The vapour returns to water and drops into the condensate holding tank - this can then be drained off at a later stage.

The water-free oil falls to the bottom of the vacuum chamber and is passed through a final particulate
removal filter by a heavy duty lube oil pump.

Clean dry oil re-enters the reservoir/system via the outlet port.

Applications for PVS Portable Purification Systems:
  • Paper mills
    • Dryer lubrication
    • Hydraulic
    • Compressor lubrication
    • Calenders
  • Steel mills
    • Bearing lubrication
    • Continuous casters
    • Press roll lubrication
  • Power generation
    • Turbine oil
    • Transformer oil
    • EHC systems
  • Industrial/aerospace
    • Test stands
    • Machine tools

Download the Parker PVS Series Portable Purification System Datasheet

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