Parker PEACH-Pure™ PCLAS Depth Style Classifier Filter

PEACH-Pure™ Series PCLAS Depth Style Classifier Filter
The Parker PEACH-Pure™ Series PCLAS provides consistent filtration for a wide variety of fluids. The PCLAS uses PEACH filtration technology to create a thermally bonded, three-dimensional depth filter with a fixed pore structure to classify contaminant capture and maintain consistent efficiency throughout its life. This type of filtration acts as a sieve to focus on retaining targeted particle sizes while allowing smaller non-harmful particle sizes to pass through.

Parker PCLAS replaces:
  • Parker ProBond
  • Matrix MTX (resin bonded stringwound)
  • Global GRU-V cartridges

PEACH-Pure™ Series PCLAS Features

Parker Engineered Media: Fibers of various sizes are thermally bonded to build, in house, specific filtration media recipes.

Thermal Bonded Fibers: Both individual fibers and media sheets are thermal bonded so no resins are required. This keeps the media pore structure open and provides excellent porosity and permeability.

3-Stage Classification Layers: Classifies particle capture within each layer to target specific sizes while allowing smaller non-harmful particles to pass through.

Conical Helix Flow Pattern: Creates a longer, tortuous flow path in radial, axial and helical directions which increases the probability of contaminant removal.

Rigid Construction: Rigid thermal bonded matrix creates a strong filter tube that prevents contaminant from unloading or channeling as differential pressure increases.

Environmentally Friendly 100% Synthetic Filter Media: Filter media is 100% synthetic and does not contain resins which can be of environmental concern. The media tube can be disposed of by incineration, crushing or shredding.

Silicone Free Construction: Helps prevent craters/fisheyes in inks and paints.

Download Parker PEACH-Pure™ Series PCLAS Depth Style Classifier Filter Datasheet

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