Parker Fluorocap-SELECT Cartridge Filter

Parker Fluorocap-SELECT Cartridge Filter
FluoroCap®-SELECT encapsulated filter cartridges offer exceptional flow-rates and on-stream life at high temperatures up to 150°C and high differential pressures. The SELECT membrane pleat design (patent pending) results in higher flow-rates and greater filter life and less down-time than a standard pleated configuration. The integral filter design maximizes up-time by providing faster and easier change-out without laborious cleaning protocols. Increased worker safety results from the reduced exposure to hazardous materials. The elimination of filter element replacement reduces the potential for process contamination.

The FluoroCap® family of capsules is offered in several versions providing a range of flow-rate and temperature capabilities.


  • Chemical and thermal resistance increases process capability
  • All-fluoropolymer design provides the highest level of purity
  • Capsules reduce downtime, chance of contamination and risk of exposure to hazardous materials
  • All filters are 100% integrity tested to ensure product performance


  • Aggressive chemicals and process fluids under harsh conditions

Materials of Construction

100% Fluoropolymer construction
All components are thermally bonded to ensure integrity and reduce extractables.

Metals extractables

< 20ppb (total) in a 10% HNO3 extraction of 1.5 liters for 24 hours at ambient temperature

Cleanliness (Particle Shedding)

Wet-packed  - <2 particles/ml >0.2μm after 7gal at 1gal/min
Dry-packed  - <2 particles/ml >0.2μm after 7gal at 1gal/min

TOC/Resistivity Rinse-up (Wet Packed)

TOC recovery within 10ppb of feed after 12gal @ 1gal/min.
Resistivity recovery within 0.4megohm-cm of feed after 22gal @ 1gal/min.

Parker Fluorocap-SELECT Cartridge Filter Datasheet

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