Parker Finite FGC Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters for Food Contact Applications

Parker Finite FGC Compressed Air Filters
The published guidelines and sanctioned Good Manufacturing Practices relating to food contact compressed air in food processing facilities call for filtration to remove any potential risks. Point-of-use filters with a minimum efficiency rating of 5-log reduction or 99.999% at 0.01 micron help manage that risk. Applying these recommendations significantly reduces the risks of contaminated compressed air spreading bacteria to food contact surfaces, packaging equipment and the product itself. Parker Finite 3-Stage Filtration provide the best line of defense- protecting the consumer, ensuring a safe, cost-efficient production facility, and obtaining important annual BRC, SQF, and FSSC2200 certifications.

FGC Compressed Air Filters Features

  • Remove all viable organisms at 99.999+% at .2 micron and larger
  • Remove 99.999% of 0.01 micron particles of oil, water, and dirt from compressed air and other gases
  • Low pressure drop
  • Continuously trap and drain liquids
  • Achieve commercially sterile air with 3-stage, 5-log reduction of contamination
  • HX model is constructed of aluminum with a durable powder coating designed to hold up to the dirtiest compressed air systems
  • SN models are constructed of 304 stainless steel for harsh environments

Does Your Plant Compressed Air Meet the Standards?

Compressed air is not as clean as it appears to be. It is contaminated with compressor oil, water condensate, pipe scale and rust — all of which provide the ideal environment for bacteria growth. These harmful contaminants must be removed or reduced to acceptable levels to protect the consumer, provide a safe production facility, and comply with Global Food Safety Initiatives (SQF, BRC, FSSC2200).

Parker Finite FGC Filters meet or exceed the current published food safety requirements and recommendations for food contact air.

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