Parker Ecostar Thermal Refrigerated Air Dryers

Parker Ecostar Thermal Refrigerated Air Dryers
The importance of compressed air as a provider of energy for modern industrial processes is widely known. What is often overlooked however is the need to provide quality treatment for this air. In fact, the air entering the system contains condensate which, when cooled, will turn into liquid water, causing extensive damage not only to the compressed air network, but also to the finished product. These costly contamination problems can be avoided by installing a ecostar Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer package complete with Parker Zander filtration. The combination of our thermal mass dryer and high quality filtration provides air quality to ISO 8573.1 Class 1.4.1.

A refrigerated dryer is typically selected to achieve its design performance at the user’s most extreme working conditions. (ie. a warm summer day with the air compressor operating at maximum load). This maximum condition, however, is very rarely achieved in everyday conditions. First, the air compressor load will vary significantly during a working day and will rarely be at full load, thereby significantly reducing the load on the dryer itself.

Furthermore, average temperatures are well below the maximum inlet and ambient temperatures for which the system has been sized. Reduced temperatures at colder moments during the day and overall temperature reductions during the mid-season and winter add a further reduction to the load on the dryer.

Ecostar dryers perfectly and continuously adapt to the actual operating conditions, ensuring perfect dewpoint control together with the lowest operating costs. Over and above this extreme flexibility of use, ecostar advanced technical solutions offer reliability, efficiency, energy savings, compact dimensions and low weight, making it the ideal solution for all industrial users.

  • Optimum dewpoint levels for highest system performance 
  • Lowest operating costs 
  • Continuously and automatically adjusts to actual working parameters
  • High reliability, easy to use and maintain 
  • eco-Pack 4-in-1 heat exchanger 
  • Integral zero air loss energy saving drain (400 - 1000 scfm) 
  • Low pressure drop design 
  • Microprocessor based energy management controller
  • Unique Thermal Mass eco-Storage reduces power consumption and improves temperature control 

  • High operating limits 
  • Easy to remove panels with frontal access to all major components
  • User friendly control panel
  • Aluminum heat exchangers for maximum efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly propylen glycol
  • ETL listed complete unit
  • eco-Control - UL listed
  • Refrigerant compressor overload protection switch
  • Rugged sheet metal enclosure with polyester-based powder coat finish withstands harsh environment
  • Automatic fan cycling controls on each fan (air-cooled models) 
  • Suction pressure gauge - Standard all models 
  • Remote board loop 4-20 mA - Optional 
  • Integral zero air loss drain valve (CSM400 - CSM1000)

Download the Parker Ecostar Thermal Refrigerated Air Dryers Datasheet

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