Parker CDF-X™ Series Filter for Aviation Fuel

2” OD EI 1588 Qualified Water Barrier Elements for Aviation Fuel Filtration

Parker CDF-X™ Series Filter for Aviation Fuel
Since the introduction of aviation fuel monitor cartridges in aviation fueling, super absorbent polymers (SAP) have been the essential materials used in the final stage of airport ground fueling systems for protection of on-board systems from water contamination. The material’s ability to absorb and chemically lock in water have its challenges―potential media migration downstream.

Parker Velcon SAP Free water barrier technology eliminates the uncertainty of SAP migration downstream by removing SAP from the equation while still providing the efficiency and water removing performance you can rely on from a fuel monitor cartridge.

Parker CDF-X™ Series Features:

  • Innovative Barrier Technology: Water and dirt are prevented from bypassing downstream allowing only clean dry fuel
  • Performance to Meet Current EI Specifications: Defense against emulsified water and full slug protection
  • Cost and Resource Efficient: Fits currently deployed monitor housings without the need for costly retrofitting or addition of electronic sensors
  • No More Media Migration Concerns: Zero uncertainties about SAP media migration or extrudables downstream and in filtration systems
  • Compatible Materials: Utilizes industry known materials of construction (nylon, PTFE, and urethane)

Surface/Barrier Technology

The new surface/barrier technology provides a drop-in solution for current 2” diameter filter monitors. Exterior dimensions and endcap styles remain the same while media technology is exchanged with new barrier technology. This allows for use with current monitor housings without the need for expensive and costly retrofitting of filtration systems on fuel carts and fueling trucks.

Parker Velcon's Barrier Technology is:
  • Effective against low-water emulsions
  • Effective against total water submersion
  • Effective when introduced to water slugs at or greater than 101.5 psid (7 bar)
  • Effective in fuel with FSII (anti-icing additive)
  • Extreme dirt efficiency

How the New Barrier Technology Works

Like a microfilter, our barrier technology filters and prevents water from bypassing downstream
  • Water droplets are blocked by a hydrophobic material that is porous to clean, dry fuel
  • Water droplets impeded on the surface of the media coalesce and drop to the bottom of the vessel

Download Parker CDF-X™ Series Filter for Aviation Fuel Datasheet

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