Minntech FiberFlo Endotoxin Removal Filters

Minntech FiberFlo Exndotoxin Removal Filters Datasheet
  • Endotoxin Control with Total Flow Recovery
  • Removes endotoxin/pyrogen
  • Normal flow filtration—No waste stream from tangential flow
  • Higher flow rates at lower pressure drops
  • Autoclavable and steam sterilizable
  • Extended life—cleanable, sanitizable In-situ integrity testable
  • Hydrophilic membranes—repeatedly rewettable without wetting agents
  • Biocompatible for medical applications
  • Consistent and Verifiable Pyrogen Removal

Endotoxin/Pyrogen Removal:
The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo EN cartridge and capsule filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal. The high level of endotoxin removal makes these filters ideal for a variety of applications requiring the removal of endotoxins for higher fluid purity.

Total Flow Recovery:
FiberFlo EN filters are “normal flow” filters. They remove endotoxins because of the affinity of the membrane with the endotoxin molecules. The endotoxin binds to the membrane, but the membrane allows all the product flow through the filter. There is no waste stream like that created by a tangential flow filter.

Easy to Install and Maintain:
Unlike most tangential flow devices, FiberFlo EN Hollow Fiber cartridge filters can be steam sterilized in-line or autoclaved off-line. FiberFlo cartridge filters are available in four lengths and a variety of end cap styles to fit a variety of standard filter housings in process applications.

FiberFlo EN capsule filters come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of end connections (Sanitary, Hose Barb and NPT) for easy installation in your equipment.

Quality Assured:
Minntech Filtration Technologies manufactures all FiberFlo cartridge and capsule filters to medical device quality standards with adherence to QSR manufacturing guidelines. These filters exceed the requirements of USP Class VI Plastics Testing and meet USP XXIII standards for purified water extractable. FiberFlo EN cartridge filters are integrity testable by diffusional methods.

Suggested Applications:
  • Medical device rinsing
  • Hemodialysis water systems
  • Medical equipment rinse water
  • USP purified water
  • Ophthalmics
  • Buffers
  • Growth media
  • Fermentation feed stocks
  • Diagnostic reagents

Available with:
  • SOE Flat, Closed End
  • SOE Fin End
  • Internal I19 O-Ring
  • External 222 O-Ring
  • External 226 O-Ring
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