Mar Cor FiberFlo Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters

Marcor Fiberflo Hollow Fiber Cartridge Filters
Proven Technology for Bacteria, Endotoxin and Particle Control
  • Much higher flow rates at lower pressure drops
  • Extended life--cleanable, sanitizable
  • Removes pyrogens
  • Autoclavable and steam sterilizable
  • Quick rinse-up in ultrapure water
  • In-situ integrity testable
  • Hydrophilic membranes—repeatedly rewettable without wetting agents
  • Biocompatible for life science and medical applications

Bacteria, Particle, and Pyrogen Removal
The unique membrane structure of FiberFlo HF cartridge filters provides consistent and verifiable pyrogen removal that surpasses traditional, absolute-rated membrane filters. High level endotoxin, bacteria, and spore removal make these filters ideal for a variety of water purification or process fluid applications.

Longer Lasting
FiberFlo cartridge filters have up to three times the surface area of comparable pleated cartridge filters. This larger membrane surface area provides greater capacity and longer life than pleated filters, resulting in lower filter replacement costs.

Easy to Maintain
FiberFlo HF cartridge filters can be steam sterilized in-line or autoclaved off-line.

FiberFlo cartridge filters are available in four lengths, four micron ratings, and a variety of endcap styles to fit a variety of standard filter housings.

Quality Assured
FiberFlo cartridge filters are manufactured to medical device quality standards with adherence to QSR manufacturing guidelines. These filters exceed the requirements of USP Class VI Plastics Testing and meet USP standards for purified water extractables. FiberFlo HF cartridge filters are integrity testable by diffusional methods.

Cartridge Selection:
  • FiberFlo 50 - FiberFlo HF 50 offers the highest degree of control of particulates and microorganisms through its absolute pore removal rating of 0.05 μm and the retentive characteristics of its Polyphen® polysulfone membrane. It is recommended for the most demanding bacteria, particle and pyrogen removal applications. FiberFlo HF 50 will remove 100 percent of endotoxin when challenged with a feed concentration of 5.0 EU/ml.
  • FiberFlo 100 - FiberFlo HF 100 offers the best balance of flow, pressure, retentive capacity, pyrogen removal and cost. Its absolute pore removal rating of 0.1μm and overall pore structure gives high water flow rates and excellent control of particulates, microorganisms and pyrogens. FiberFlo HF 100 will remove 100 percent of endotoxin1 when challenged with a feed concentration of 1.0 EU/ml.
  • FiberFlo 200 - FiberFlo HF 200 offers maximum flow rates without loss of bacteria retention. Absolute removal of Brevundimonas diminuta is a characteristic of this filter. The ability of FiberFlo HF 200 to remove bacteria and particulates gives it performance characteristics unmatched by traditional 0.2 micron pleated membrane filters.
  • FiberFlo 450 - FiberFlo HF 450 is designed for prefiltration and fluid clarification applications. The HF 450 assures maximum protection of downstream sterilizing filters. It provides superior particle control, dirt-holding capacity, and flow rates. The ability of the FiberFlo HF 450 to remove particulates is unmatched by traditional 0.45μm absolute pleated membrane filters.

Suggested Applications:
  • Medical and Laboratory - Medical device rinsing, Hemodialysis water systems, Medical equipment rinse
  • water
  • Industrial - Semiconductor manufacturing, Deionized water, Industrial process water, Dilute inorganic chemical solutions
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing - Serum & other blood fractions, USP purified water, Ophthalmics, Buffers, Growth media, Fermentation feed stocks, Diagnostic reagents
  • Food and Beverage - Distilled spirits, Bottled water, Seltzer, Vinegar, Food products, Makeup and rinse waters

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