LiquiPro™ YP Polypropylene Filter Housing from Porvair

LiquiPro™ YP Polypropylene Filter Housing
LiquiPro™ YP is made of high purity virgin grade polypropylene filter housing that is applicable for use in the semiconductor industry. It is assembled, cleaned and tested in ultra clean manufacturing center of Class 100 & Class 1000.

LiquiPro YPZ is a high purity grade polypropylene filter housing that offers excellent space saving solution. The cartridge filter can be locked into the bowl allowing the installation of both the cartridge filter and housing bowl to be installed as a single unit. This comes with EZ Key that is compatible with the ChemLock Key. Contamination and chemical contact will therefore be minimised.


LiquiPro™ YP Polypropylene Filter Housing Features

  • High purity virgin grade LCY Globalene Polypropylene grade PC-366-5.
  • Suitable for 10” or 20” Cartridges.
  • 222 O-rings Filter Cartridge - Excellent for demanding microelectronics applications.
  • All Materials are FDA Listed and safe for Food and Beverage.
  • Economical Alternative to Fluoropolymer Filter Housings.

LiquiPro™ YP Polypropylene Filter Housing Specifications

  • Materials of construction
    • Head/Bowl: Pure virgin polypropylene
    • Locking Ring PP (Glass Reinforcement) (not wetted):
    • Mounting Screw: SUS304 M8X1.25
    • O-rings: Viton®, EPDM
  • Dimensions
    • Inlet/Outlet:
      • Flaretek ¾”, 1”
      • NPTF ¾”, 1”
    • Vent/ Drain:
      • Flaretek ½”, ¼”
      • NPTF ½”, ¼”
  • Maximum Operating Temperature
    • 70C (212F)
  • Maximum Operation Pressure
    • 0.3MPa (3 bar, 43 psi) @ 700 C
    • 0.75MPa (7.5bar, 110psi) @ 250 C
  • FDA Listed Materials
    • Manufactured from materials which are FDA listed for food contact applications in Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Cartridge Connections: Code 0 (2-222 O-rings).
  • Cartridge Diameters: 70mm and 83mm

Download Porvair LiquiPro™ YP Polypropylene Filter Housing Datasheet

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