LiquiPro™ MI Disposable Capsule Filters from Porvair

LiquiPro™ MI Disposable Capsule Filters
LiquiPro™ MI are high purity disposable filters offered with 3 different types of high-performance membranes: hydrophobic PTFE membrane; Nylon membrane and PES membrane with UHP virgin grade PP support materials for critical high purity photochemical point-of-use filtration applications.


LiquiPro™ MI Disposable Capsule Filters Features

  • Ultra-clean filter design. Filter design, materials selection and UHP decontamination procedure are optimised to eliminate shedding and extractables to ensure reliable downstream cleanliness.
  • LiquiPro™ MI provide excellent chemical compatibility to make these filters ideal for point of-use photochemical filtration applications, including a broad range of photoresists and solvent.
  • Designed for the removal of micro gel, soft gel and particles present in most advanced photoresist systems. Eliminates pre-wetting and reduces downtime.
  • Advanced photoresist system consists of typically of solvent, photo acid generator (PAG), acid quenchers, additives and surfactants. Pre-wetting is not required.
  • LiquiPro™ MI D PN series helps to eliminate micro-bridging defects in photoresist and cone defects in the anti-reflective coatings.
  • This disposable series uses the highest quality PES membrane which is hydrophilic to positive developers such as TMAH and DI to eliminate the formation of bubbles and micro-bubbles during the spin rinse process

LiquiPro™ MI Disposable Capsule Filters Applications

  • Ultra-high-purity version for advanced EUV, 157nm; and 18.2MΩ DIW pre-flushed version for DUV-ArF-193nm and DUV-KrF-248nm photoresist filtration.
  • Class 10000 clean room version for general photochemical and solvent filtration.
  • Point-of-use solvent, IPA, acetone and others.
  • Point-of-use Developer and DI water

LiquiPro™ MI Disposable Capsule Filters Specifications

  • Pore size rating
    • 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0, 10.0 μm
  • Maximum operating pressure:
    • 6.0 bard (87 psid) @ 25°C (77°F)
  • Membrane area:
    • Short Series: PTFE/Nylon:1000-1150 cm2 (155-178 in2)
    • Long Series: PTFE/Nylon: 2000-2300 cm2 (310-356 in2)
  • Maximum operating temperature
    • 60°C (140°F)

Download Porvair LiquiPro™ MI Disposable Capsule Filters Datasheet

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