Hilco HSS-1 Coalescer Separator System

Hilco HSS-1 Coalescer Separator System
Remove Moisture and Particulate Contamination from your Steam and Gas Turbine Lube Oils

  • System flow rates from 10, 30, 60, and 100 GPM
  • Positive displacement oil pump with integral relief valve
  • TEFC pump motor
  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure with controls
  • ASME code pre-filter vessel
  • ASME code coalescer/separator vessel
  • Clean and dirty sampling ports
  • Inlet basket strainer
  • Automatic, pneumatically operated, water drain valve
  • Manual moisture drain
  • Liquid level sight gauge

  • Particulate removal efficiency of 99.5% @ 3 micron
  • Free and emulsified water content reduced to under 25 ppm
  • Total water content to under 150 ppm based on an influent moisture content of 5% maximum

  • Explosion-proof electrical controls
  • Low-watt-density oil heaters
  • CRN or PED vessels

Sizing a System:
Your Hilco coalescer/separator should have a flow capacity of at least 1/2% of the total lube oil volume. The following chart depicts the maximum recommended size reservoir for each Hilco coalescer/separator system.

  Model #  
  Flow Rate  
  Reservoir Capacity  
02CS1010 GPM2,000 Gallons
02CS3030 GPM6,000 Gallons
02CS6060 GPM12,000 Gallons
02CS100100 GPM12,000+ Gallons

Portable Model Features:
  • Flow capacities from 1 to 30 GPM
  • Ability to service the needs of multiple units
  • Customized electrical requirements
  • Integral particulate filter and coalescer filter arrangement
  • Liquid level sight gauge

Single or Multiple-Element Vessel Features:
  • Flow capacities to 20 GPM
  • Designed to side stream part of the existing lube oil pumps flow
  • ASME Code and non-code designs available
  • Duplex designs available for uninterrupted flow during element changeout
  • Liquid level sight gauge
  • Auto drain optional equipment

Download the Hilco HSS-1 Coalescer-Separator Systems Datasheet

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