Hilco EHC Fluid Conditioning System

Hilco EHC Fluid Conditioning System
The EHC Fluid Conditioning System is a rugged yet affordable solution for small filtration systems or portable filter carts.

This system can provide treatment by utilizing HILCO's Selexsorb, fuller's earth, activated alumina, or ion exchange cartridges. The fluids used in the high pressure electro-hydraulic control systems (EHC) of steam turbines present a unique set of problems. These fluids are typically a fire-resistant, synthetic phosphate ester base which require continuous filtration in order to maintain proper lubricant characteristics.

Hilco has recently developed a self-supporting, manifold design system ideal for the fluid conditioning needs of the EHC system operators. The system incorporates Hilliard’s patent-pending dry resin ionic exchange cartridges for acid control (TAN), while moisture and particulate contamination are maintained by a set of Hilsorb dryer cartridges. The system has a multitude of pumps, motors, and instrumentation that are all controlled by an onboard PLC.

High Capacity Housings:
HILCO 1119 cartridges provide high media capacity: each cartridge contains up to 36 pounds. This is almost four times that of competitive 718 cartridges. To the customer, this means fewer changeouts and less cost per pound of media.

  • Reduces acid and removes water and particles from synthetic EHC fluids
  • Filtration systems for power utilities

Download the Hilco FCS-1 EHC Fluid Conditioning System Datasheet

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