High-Capacity Breather from Des-Case with COLORASSIST™ Technology

High-Capacity Breather from Des-Case with COLORASSIST™ Technology
The Des-Case High-Capacity Breather made possible by COLORASSIST™ Technology uses the highest capacity desiccant available to deliver the longest-lasting breather, extending service life by 30% and lowering the cost of ownership. Its proprietary COLORASSIST™ enhanced color indicator is located on the breather wall versus the silica itself for improved in-use visibility to accurately gauge remaining life and diagnose the source of moisture more clearly.

The Des-Case High-Capacity Breather is the longest lasting breather on the market!

Des-Case High-Capacity Breather Features

High Capacity Desiccant
High-capacity desiccant provides 30% more service life than color indicating silica gels.

COLORASSIST™ Technology Indicator
Enhanced color indicator that accurately gauges remaining life of the breather, diagnoses the source of moisture contamination, and improves in-use visibility.

Six Check Valves
High-quality umbrella check-valves that won't clog or stick are located underneath the unit for added protection from washdown environments. Check valves isolate equipment from ambient conditions prolonging breather life, and protecting system integrity.

Integrated Nylons Standpipe with Threaded Mounting
The integrated standpipe provides excellent vibration resistance and dissipates impact throughout the unit, eliminating weak points. It also allows even airflow distribution throughout the unit, preventing inaccurate readings of desiccant saturation. Internal threads provide durability and stability and can be used with one of several adapters.

Honeycomb Technology Oil Mist Reducer
The oil mist reducer is situated inside the standpipe, made from polypropylene for maximum chemical compatibility. Mimicking nature's intricate honeycomb design, this feature allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into the reservoir, rather than compromising the dessicant.

Resilient Polycarbonate Body
Shock-absorbing, clear casing provides reliable service, easy visual maintenance, and UV resistance.

Des-Case High-Capacity Breather Specifications

Product CodeDC-CHC-EX-4
Temperature RangeTemperature Range -20˚F to 200˚F (-29˚C to 93˚C)
Filter Efficiency3 μm absolute
Check Valve Cracking Pressure.1 psi (.007 bar)
Volume of Desiccant140 in3 (2300 cc)
Color IndicationBlue to Pink COLORASSIST™
 3Application Sizing Recommendations
Max. Airflow at ΔP 1 psi [.07 bar]24 cfm (680 l/min)
Max Reservoir Fluid Flow or Displacement at ΔP 1 psi [.07 bar]180 gpm (680 l/min)
Gearbox, Pump & Storage Tank1000 gal (3785 L)
Hydraulic & Central Lube Reservoir400 gal (1514 L)

Download High-Capacity Breather from Des-Case with COLORASSIST™ Technology Datasheet

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