GasPro™ TEM-1400 All-Fluoropolymer In-Line Filter from Porvair

GasPro™ TEM-1400 All-Fluoropolymer In-Line Filter
GasPro™ TEM-1400 Series filters are designed for 3 nm particle retention up to flow rates of 75 scfm and temperatures of 150ºC (302ºF).

A PTFE Membrane and all-fluoropolymer support structure is enclosed in a 316L stainless steel electro-polished welded housing. Final assembly is purged with filtrated nitrogen for initial cleanliness.

GasPro™ TEM-1400 All-Fluoropolymer In-Line Filter Applications

  • High-flow ultra-high purity inert and speciality gases.
  • Semiconductor, TFT flat panel display, silicon wafer manufacturing, photovoltaic/solar process gases.

GasPro™ TEM-1400 All-Fluoropolymer In-Line Filter Features and Benefits

  • Filtration rating: Our porous PTFE filters provide efficient 3nm particle retention.
  • Construction: An ePTFE membrane (0.45 m2 / 4.8 ft2) with a polypropylene support structure is enclosed within a stainless steel 316L housing for excellent flow and chemical resistance. A standard Viton® o-ring is used (other o-rings may be available upton rquest).
  • Electro-polished housing: The filter assemblies have a 15Ra electro-polished 316L stainless steel housing to prevent corrosion and particle build up on interior surfaces.
  • Maximum differential pressure / temperature Forward:
    • 80 psid (5.5 bar) @ 75ºF (24ºC)
    • 55 psid (3.8 bar) @ 167ºF (75ºC)
    • 30 psid (2.0 bar) @ 257ºF (125ºC)
    • 15 psid (1.0 bar) @ 300ºF (150ºC)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 17.2 bar (250 psig)
  • 100% helium leak tested: All units tested to1x10-9 atm cc/second
  • Out of package cleanliness: Our GasPro™ TEM-1400 filters are cleaned and packaged in a cleanroom with organic free handling for out-of-package, particle free, and chemical free cleanliness. Final assembly is purged with filtered nitrogen for initial cleanliness. Additional preconditioning is optional.

Download GasPro™ TEM-1400 All-Fluoropolymer In-Line Filter Datasheet

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