Eaton Steam Vent Exhaust Heads

Eaton Exhaust Heads
Steam vent exhaust heads remove droplets larger than 10 microns

Eaton exhaust heads are used at the end of pipelines to reduce droplets and particulates exhausted to the atmosphere. A common application for exhaust heads are at the end of steam vents to reduce the visible condensate plume. In climates where freezing occurs, installation of exhaust heads reduces the hazards of dealing with ice accumulation on the roof.  The advantages of installing Eaton exhaust heads go beyond appearance, some of our customers recover expensive boiler chemicals that would otherwise be carried-off with the water droplets and there may be environmental factors associated with discharge of certain compounds.

Eaton exhaust heads provide an inexpensive and non-mechanical method for removing 99% of all entrained moisture and particulates from the gas flow > 10 microns in size. There's no maintenance or other service required. The recovered fluid can be plumbed for reclamation/recycling or, if applicable, sent to drain.

Cast iron exhaust heads are typically in-stock and are for pipelines from 1" to 10" in size.  

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