Dual-Bed Nitrogen Gas Generators from Parker

Parker’s Dual Bed Nitrogen Generators produce between 95% - 99.999% pure, compressed nitrogen at dewpoints to -58°F (-50°F) from nearly any compressed air supply. Designed to continually transform standard compressed air into nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention. These full-feature generators are the ideal choice for applications that require medium to high nitrogen purities at medium flow rates.

Dual-Bed Nitrogen Gas Generators from Parker

Dual Bed Nitrogen Generator Features

  • Fully enclosed (steel) with casters
  • High efficiency coalescing and sterile air filters
  • Oxygen analyzer available
  • PLC controls
  • High oxygen alarms and dry contacts available
  • Stand by mode
  • Purity easily adjusted between 95% - 99.999% with flow control valve
  • Outlet pressure regulator
  • 60 gal. vertical nitrogen storage tank
  • Energy efficient compared to delivered nitrogen

Wide Range of Nitrogen Purities

  • Produce nitrogen purities from 95 to 99.999% (5% to 10 ppm O2)
  • Flow control valve allows for field adjustment of nitrogen purity

High Flow Capacity

  • Cabinet DB deliver N2 flow up to 2048 scfh @ 99.5%
  • Twin tower DB deliver N2 flows up to 5445 scfh @ 99.5%

Portable and Expandable

  • Cabinet DB units come fitted with casters for portability
  • DB-5 through DB-10 can be purchased with expanded cabinet designs that allow for future expansion up to a DB-20

Integrated Filtration

  • High efficiency pre-filtration removes inlet air particles down to 0.1µm
  • SS sterile air final filter provides outlet filtration efficiency of 99.9999+% at 0.01um and has full compliance with FDA and USDA requirements

Parker Nitrogen Gas Generation Brochure

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