How to Install the NF3 Interlock Kit to a Centura Gas Box Pneumatic Manifold

Well good morning i'm so excited i got these two packages from valin corporation today. These will help me to upgrade my applied materials centura machine and what i've purchased here is part number ac-150-2444 that is supposed to be a gas box manifold replacement for my tool. Also i've purchased the ac-150-2466 and this allows me to connect to the existing nf3 interlock system so this is pretty neat because my current system is causing me a lot of headaches and this new product will alleviate a lot of that and give me some better performance.

So inside the box i've got a bag here with instructions, i've got a bag that also contains some installation hardware, a mounting bracket, an electrical cable, and an installation tool. Here is our manifold, this manifold is a 12 position manifold and it will mount in the same location on my tool as the existing ones. It's packaged so well it might take me a little while to open it up.

Aall right there it is, our brand new manifold kit. So this is the contents of our kit... we have a tool, this tool fits the screw that holds the valve in so we can replace these way down the road if we need to. We will also use this tool to attach the valve for our nf3 interlock kit. It comes with some labels so we can label on these white pads our valve numbers some mounting hardware our adapter bracket. These two holes here will attach to the existing mounting location on my tool and then these four holes on the outside will attach to the manifold in this fashion. Important to note that you need to attach this panel first before you attach the manifold so you can gain access to these holes here. And here is our electrical cable the d7 would connect to the manifold this idc 26 position connector will connect to the machine in its normal fashion all right so that is ac-150-2444 and that is a centura gas box replacement manifold kit from valin corporation.
Okay now here is my interlock accessory kit that allows me to adapt this manifold to my existing nf3 interlock system on my tool this part number is ac-150-2466 and can be ordered separately from the kit so you only order as many as you need for this. We'll go ahead and open this, again very nice packaging so this kit contains a valve that will replace on the manifold

Now i will demonstrate mounting the kit to my gas box manifold, to do this we will need not too many tools. We'll need our special tool to remove the valve here and we'll also need allen key driver for these screws. Then I'm going to install my nf3 interlock kit. I'm going to tighten the screws evenly as i go on both sides to draw the connector down into the socket.

Okay so as we can see that is seated nicely onto the connector and the existing cable or the new cable that we receive with our gas box kit then it it may have been connected to the manifold we simply remove that and now we connect it to our nf3 interlock in that fashion. You would then tighten these screws i don't have a flat screwdriver with me but i would tighten those down so that the connector would not fall off.  So now we need to install the valve again this, valve has been created so that it can be powered independently of the electrical bus in the manifold and on the centura tool the gas box is station nine that gets replaced so this would be station one, this would be station twelve, so nine is right here.

So we're going to remove valve 9. Okay the screw is loose and this valve will now rotate out of its position. Okay like that and we're going to replace this valve with this valve and you you'll see that there's a little ledge here and we want to make sure that that hooks in at this base  and that becomes the pivot point so i'm going to insert it in this manner and then rotate it down and tighten the screw. Okay and now we would dress this around and this is labeled j3. J3 plugs into the p3 position and push it in all the way till you hear it click and that means it's latched in now these connections here. These are from the existing harness assembly on the centura tool and you would simply plug in ev41 ev42 and p42 from the existing tool harness and that completes the installation of the nf3 interlock accessory kit on the centura gas box

Watch the Centura Gas Box Pneumatic Manifold and NF3 Interlock Kit Product Video:

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