WIKA's New Dual Switch Gauge Brings Reliability & Versatility

Submitted by Don Eisenhart || Wika
WIKA USA’s new Dual Switch Gauge
WIKA USA’s new Dual Switch Gauge offers customers reliable information and exceptional versatility for pressure monitoring in semiconductor, high purity (HP), and ultra-high purity (UHP) applications. A case study shows how one customer was able to increase efficiency and decrease costs with this innovative pressure solution.

WIKA pays attention to the needs of the market. That’s why we have put our experts to work developing a product that could address the widely different requirements of gas pressure monitoring in the semiconductor, high purity (HP), and ultra-high purity (UHP) industries. The result: the new Dual Switch Gauge– a reliable, versatile solution for gas source and point-of-use pressure monitoring that ensures critical system and safety limits in your application are maintained. This innovative design, based on our dependable, high-quality line of single switch gauges for UHP applications, was officially launched in August 2018.

Versatility and Reliability

WIKA’s dual switch gauge features two independently triggered, fully configurable switches in one unit. However, this dual switch gauge uses the same amount of space a single switch gauge requires. WIKA’s dual switch gauge fits perfectly in tight areas. It is made of stainless steel, and is suitable for poisonous, toxic, flammable, and corrosive media.

All units are assembled, tested, and packaged in class 100 clean rooms to meet cleanliness and purity requirements. WIKA’s Dual Switch Gauges comply with SEMI standards. FM(USA), ATEX(Europe), and IEC Ex (International) non-incendiary approvals will be in place by the spring of 2019.

Case Study: How WIKA’s Dual Switch Gauge Boosted Efficiency and Reduced Costs

A manufacturer in the semiconductor market recently learned firsthand the advantages and versatility provided by the dual switch gauge’s two independent switches, reduced size, variety of available materials, and friendly interface that can easily accommodate varying user requirements. Based on switching and materials needs, a competitor had provided 17 different configurations for gas containment monitoring in the manufacturer’s specialty gas cabinets. WIKA’s experts sat down with the client, and then incorporated dual switch gauges and reduced the number of configurations down to only four. Consequently, the manufacturer was able to decrease costs by reducing inventories and shortening lead times. Fewer configurations also increased the user’s familiarity with instrumentation and streamlined process monitoring.

The features and the high purity characteristics of WIKA’s dual switch gauges make them ideal for semiconductor, LED, solar photovoltaic, and flat panel fabrication. The dual switch gauges are also an excellent solution for monitoring gas pressure in gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, and gas panels in HP and UHP gas distribution and specialty gas applications.

WIKA’s dual switch gauges are accurate and dependable, and their versatility is unmatched in the market.

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