Walchem's IX-B Series Stainless Steel Metering Pumps

Stainless Steel IX-B Series Metering Pumps
The IX Series meets today’s demand for automated chemical delivery in industries from water treatment to chemical process. Highly precise control offers a solution for a variety of dosing applications.

The IX-B Series pumps are available with a 316 Stainless Steel option in addition to the PVDF liquid ends, expanding application possibilities where the IX-B could be installed.

IX-B Series Metering pumps, following with the whole IX product line, are full-featured pumps utilizing a BLDC motor to efficiently and accurately satisfy any dosing requirement. The high compression advanced pump head design eliminates air-lock concerns.

The IX advanced design provides +/-1% accuracy and even higher turndown ratios up to 1000:1! In addition to traditional features of the IX Series, the IX-B have a more flexible controller mount as well as a built-in wall mount bracket supplied with every pump.

1000:1 Turndown Ratio

IX Series pumps use efficient Brushless DC motors for speed control. High resolution motor control adjusts the discharge and suction speeds to meet a full and accurate turndown ratio up to 1000:1 and flowrates from 80 GPH (300 L/H) down to 0.002 GPH (7.5 mL/H).

±1% High Accuracy

Combined with precise motor control, an efficient valve design maintains accurate flow rates to allow a low-cost, mechanically-driven diaphragm pump to achieve a repeatability of ±1%.

70% Energy Savings

Helical gears and return spring reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional mechanical diaphragm metering pumps.

High Compression Pump Head Design

A fixed stroke length and proprietary liquid end design maintains high compression during each stroke, resulting in fast priming and no gas-lock at any flow rate up to full rated pressures.


Suction vs. Discharge Speed
  • Suction speed remains constant. Discharge speed reduces as pump is turned down, helping to reduce pulsation and inertial forces on piping.
Standard Diaphragm Leak Sensor
  • Behind the diaphragm, a sensor monitors for any sign of rupture or leakage.
Standard Diaphragm Leak Sensor

Faulty Operation Detection
  • Abnormal operation detection protects the pump and piping during discharge pressure spikes (valve closure) or increases (clogging).
    Note: In some instances, software may not be able to detect sudden increases in pressure due to a closed discharge. Installation of pressure relief/safety valve is always recommended.
Universal Design
  • Multi-voltage operation (100-240VAC) and compliant to UL & CE standards
  • Drive/control units each sealed to IP65 ratings
Cavitation Prevention
  • The suction speed can be manually lowered for operation with highly viscous liquids or prevention of cavitation
“Foolproof” Valve Cartridge Design*
  • An orientation guide in the suction or discharge ports prevents valve cartridges from being incorrrectly installed.
    * Except C060 and Stainless Steel versions.
Foolproof Valve Cartridge Design
Automatic Control
  • Fully programmable analog or digital proportional control of the pump with Batch and Internal timer control features.
Degassing Assist
  • Keypad operation or a contact signal (AUX) runs the pump at the full speed (overriding any mode) assisting in air elimination and priming.
Operation History
  • The controller logs total power connect time, operation time, the number of strokes and the number of power-on cycles.
Flexible, User-friendly Interface
  • IX-B Series
    • Customer controller positioning enables adjustment and setting of location on-site.
    • Flexible installation of the pump with built in wall bracket. * Patent Pending (pump base turns into wall bracket)
    • 2-line LCD Display with LED backlight
    • Multiple display languages
    • Larger LED status bar for pump status visibility at distances or in dark locations.
  • IX-C and IX-D Series
    • The controller position can be ordered in 6 positions for operator convenience.
    • LCD display with LED backlight
    • Multiple display languages.
    • Bright LED for indication of pump status.


IX Series Metering Pumps Specifications
*CAUTION: Pump may be capable of higher pressure than tubing. Operate pumps at pressures lower than tubing specifications.

  • Maximum discharge capacity is rated with clean water at ambient temperature at maximum discharge pressure. Output may increase as pressure decreases.
  • Accuracy is not guaranteed at flows below 0.5GPH (2 LPH) for IX-D300S6, 0.26GPH (1 LPH) for IX-C150S6 or 0.11GPH (0.4 LPH) for IX-C060S6.
  • Maximum viscosity: IX-B: 100/500 cps IX-C: 1000 cps IX-D: 300 cps (standard pumps - consult factory for higher viscosities).Outputs may be reduced.
  • Liquid temperature range: 0 -50°C (TC, TE type), 0-80°C (S6 type). No viscosity change. Non freezing. No slurry.
  • Operating temperature range: 0-50°C (Indoor use only)
  • Operating humidity range: 30-90% RH (Non-condensing in the controller)
  • Maximum dry suction lift rating is 6.5 ft. (2m).
  • Pumps should always be shielded from direct exposure to the elements.

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