Walchem Fluent is Coming Soon.. and it is Awesome!

Walchem Fluent, a new cloud based, water treatment management software tool
Introducing Walchem Fluent, a new cloud-based, water treatment management software tool that amplies the value of Walchem controllers.

Walchem incorporates IoT, Process Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control, and Data Visualization with the release of Walchem Fluent.

From corporate management to field service, Walchem Fluent will elevate a user’s ability to perform their job effciently, effectively, and exceptionally.

Customer + Facilities Management

  • Process Monitoring, Data Management, Alarms, teams
    Full management of customers and their facilities to access the information you need as quickly as possible
  • Flag priority customers and facilities for quick access to help plan your upcoming work week

Process Monitoring + Control

  • Anywhere access to customer’s real-time controller data
  • Link directly to LiveConnect to make changes on your controllers remotely

Data Management + Visualizations

  • Assess key parameters at-a-glance with customizable Dashboard
    • Easy-access to Alarms organized by priority levels with acknowledgment features
    • Bookmark customers, facilities and controllers for a user-customized Dashboard experience
  • Visualize recent and historical controller data trends on easy-to-read, interactive graphs
  • Compare graphs across multiple controller channels
  • Access historic data and export your graphs to PDF and CSV les for your reporting needs

Alarms + Custom Alarm Notifications

  • Manage workow by notifying workers of triggered alarms
  • Customize the escalation process including rst party notied
  • Notify two unique groups of users
  • Manage alarm settings by controller channel
  • Set alarm levels to quickly identify the most critical issues
  • Alarm email summaries

Team Management

  • Create Admin, Technician, and View-Only user roles
  • Set custom visibility permissions for users so they only see the customers they need to access

A leap forward in ease of customer setup, customer management and process control, Walchem Fluent will become one of the most valuable resources for managing your water treatment services.

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