Uncover Actionable Insights that Drive Operational Improvement

Global competition requires manufacturers to strive for operational excellence to ensure they are competitive and profitable. This requires continuous improvements in terms of greater reliability, reduced unscheduled downtime due to equipment failures, lower maintenance costs, extended equipment life, optimized energy consumption, improved sustainability and greater throughput.

Manufacturers often operate with little information about the health and performance of devices and machines. This can create a trial and error approach to troubleshooting, leading to excessive downtime, higher maintenance costs and lower efficiency. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to digitally transform their operations, changing from manual-based work practices to automated, digital, software-based and data-driven ways of working.

IIoT applications are enabling companies to leverage technology and expertise to digitally transform operations. A wealth of useful data is trapped inside devices, equipment and machines. IIoT technologies presents an opportunity to gain easier and faster access to actionable information that supports better decision making and operational performance.

A lack of actionable information prevents performance improvements in the domains of reliability, sustainability, productivity and safety. Below are examples of typical operational challenges.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Machines and devices offer no condition monitoring, leading to unexpected downtime
  • Unable to identify problematic devices and schedule maintenance


  • Machine performance is not monitored leading to higher energy consumption
  • Losses and leaks go undetected leading to wasted energy
  • Undetected issues create late stage quality issues leading to scrappage and material waste

Productivity Improvements

  • Critical parameters required to optimize machine performance are not measured
  • Unplanned downtime reduces equipment availability and productivity


  • Additional components, costs and complexity required to improve safety
  • Greater complexity compromises productivity

IIoT Applications

IIoT Applications

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