Specifying Made Easier

Submitted on Wed, 12/14/2016
Parker’s Universal Motor Adapter (UMA) makes it easier than ever for machine designers to specify their linear stage with whatever motor they'd like, while avoiding the often drawn-out customization process.

Quick Motor Integration

The Universal Motor Adapter is an innovative motor mount component that allows for simple configuration of the 404XR or 406XR to a variety of servo or steppers from a plethora of manufacturers.

Utilizing a vast database of motor mounting flanges, the UMA allows for rapid integration of hundreds of motors from numerous manufacturers.

Convenient Ordering

For customers choosing to mount a third party, non-Parker motor, the UMA alleviates the hassle and lead time of having to create a customized motor mount. Typically, designers would have to place an additional custom motor request for a specific mount, but now designers can simply configure the motor manufacturer right into the XR part number.

Easy Selection with Our Online e-Configurator

Now with the UMA, you can easily choose the right option for your motor through our online e-Configurator, saving time and money. With the UMA integrated into the e-Configurator, simply selecting the desired motor manufacturer and model type will configure the actuator with the appropriate selected motor.

Motor mount configuration to third-party motors is now easier than ever through use of the UMA and our online product configuration tool. Consult the online e-Configurator for a complete listing of supported motors.

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