Simple, Powerful & Cost-Effective Multi-Axis Motion Control

Tempted to design your own motion control solution, but don't need the power level and industrial protection of a typical industrial motion control solution with CE and UL certifications? Then AllMotion's family is the right solution for your application, including the most popular versions:

You don't need to pay thousands of dollars for this…

PLCs, Drivers, Linear Stages

…when 1/10th of that is enough.
ezquad servo driver controller

Servo & Stepper Motor Controller/Drives

The AllMotion family was designed to allow the rapid implementation of multi-axis servo motor solutions in products requiring automation.

Big Power in a Small Package

Models are available above 20A at only 2.25” square!  They go as small as roughly 1” square.

Multiple Options

Servo and Stepper single and multi-axis units are available.  Logic-only models for simple non-motion applications are also available.

Easy, Tried and True 

The commands are intuitive and simple.  For example, the command A10000 will move the servo motor to absolute position 10000.  This communications protocol is compatible with devices that use the Cavro DT or OEM protocol.  The controllers are also capable of stand-alone operation with no connection to a PC.  They can be set to execute a preset string of commands upon power up.  Only power is required in this mode.  The commands include nested loops and execution halt pending a switch closure which is useful in stand-alone applications.

Communication Options

Various protocols are available: RS232, RS485, USB, CANopen and EtherCAT.

AllMotion Inc. develops and manufactures miniature high-performance stepper and servo drives for the medical, scientific, optical and general automation markets. Their mission is to create superior, ultra-compact motion control solutions that reduce costs and readily integrate into OEM instrumentation designs across a wide range of industries. R&D efforts are centered on core competencies of small form factor components that deliver precise positioning control and ease of use. 

AllMotion provides off-the-shelf motion control devices and custom solutions based on their EZStepper and EZServo motor driver technology. Their servo motor controllers and brushless DC motor controllers feature quadrature encoder feedback and are programmable to allow standalone operation. The company has proven leadership in miniature motion control with a full line of intelligent controller/drives.

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