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Traditional process stream carbon adsorption has utilized relatively large loose carbon granules. The carbon granules are typically held within replaceable filter canisters. XtreamSorb’s carbon block technology utilizes much smaller carbon powder that is either cast or extruded with a binding agent or adhesive. The utilization of drastically smaller carbon powder held tightly together with a binder forms a porous carbon block designed to drive a greatly enhanced mass transfer contact between the carbon and hydrocarbon contaminant species by eliminating void spaces and flow channeling due to carbon movement. The improved mass transfer results in cleaner fluids in a smaller less expensive footprint. XtreamSorb technology is the marriage of PEACH® particle filtration, hydrocarbon adsorption and small droplet coalescing with a carbon block truly designed for industrial process streams. The technology marriage forms a two-stage all in one product with unprecedented removal performance.

XtreamSorb diagram

xtreamsorb and granular carbon change out comparison

  • 50% CHANGE-OUT

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