Products for Aviation Fuel Handling

The Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division (HFFD) of Parker Hannifin manufactures a wide range of best in class Parker Velcon filtration and separation solutions and fuel condition monitoring products for use in assuring clean dry aviation fuel.

As the global leader in aviation bulk fuel filtration, Parker HFFD proprietary products range from micronic filters, fiberglass coalescers, separators, water absorbent cartridges, and clay canisters designed to meet required industry standards.

This includes a complete line of cartridges qualified to the latest editions of EI specifications: EI 1581, EI 1583, EI 1590 as well as housings that meet best in class EI 1596 requirements.


Filter Separator
Filter/Separators are two-stage vessels designed to remove dirt and separate water from aviation fuel at refineries, product terminals, fuel farms, and on refueling vehicles.

They continuously coalesce and separate water, which collects in the vessel sump where it can be drained. Velcon Filter/Separators have passed numerous tests qualifying them to the latest EI 1581 edition. Construction is to ASME Code and EI1596 Specifications. Units qualified to military specifications are also available.


  • Vessels
    Fixed Installations
    • VV Vertical Vessels
    • HV Horizontal Vessels
  • Mobile Fueling Equipment
    • HV Horizontal Vessels
    • HVS Horizontal Vessels

Coalescer Cartridges

Coalescer Cartidges
Used as a first-stage cartridge in Filter/Separators. Remove particulates and coalesce water into large water droplets. Available in open-ended or threaded base designs.

Separator Cartridges

Second stage cartridges in Filter/Separators repel coalesced water drops which then collect in the sump for easy removal. Available in Teflon® Coated Screen, Synthetic Media or Pleated Paper Media.

Water Absorption

Water Absorption
Velcon’s Water Absorbent Filters are single-stage filter vessel systems which remove water and dirt from Avgas and Jet Fuel and provide protection from water at the point of final fuel filtration. When a monitor system’s water holding capacity is reached, the flow of fuel is restricted. Units meet EI 1596 Specifications. Construction is to ASME Code Section VIII.


  • Fixed or Mobile Units
    • AHM or HM Horizontal Monitor Vessels
    • AVM or VM Vertical Monitor Vessels
  • High Capacity Aquacon® Units
    • HA Horizontal Vessels
    • VA Vertical Vessels

CDF® Fuel Monitor

Absorb water and filter particulate from Avgas and Jet Fuel. Provide protection against water slug transmission.


Filter particulate matter and absorb water with great efficiency. Water capacity is approximately 40 times greater than 2” diameter monitor cartridges. Also provide protection against water slugs.

Micronic Filtration

Micronic Filtration
Micronic vessels offer economical particulate prefiltration upstream of clay units or Filter/Separators. Units available to meet EI1596 Specifications. Construction is to ASME Code Section VIII.


  • Fixed Installations
    • VF, VFAP (EI1596) Vertical Filter Vessels
    • HF, HFAP (EI 1596) Horizontal Filter Vessels

Pleated Filter

Corrugated pleated media with large surface area for filtration of particulate contaminants. Available in open-ended or threaded base designs.

Fiberglass Filter

Progressively finer layers of fiberglass filter colloidal or slimy contaminants.

Commissioning Cartridges

Commissioning Cartridges (FI Series) can be used in place of coalescers to remove heavy solid contaminants during start up.

Surfactant Removal

Surfactant Removal
Clay Vessels & Elements are placed upstream of F/S vessels prior to pre-filtration to remove surfactants and protect coalescer and separator elements. Construction is to ASME Code Section VIII.


  • Fixed Installations
    • VC Clay Element Vessels

Clay Cartridges

Clay canisters use a low volatile matter (LVM), 60-90 mesh, with a superior water tolerant Attapulgite clay that has a lower tolerance for aggregating. The clay cartridges remove surfactants from jet fuel and other petroleum products.

Fuel Condition Monitoring & Control

Parker Velcon line of fuel condition monitoring solutions range from fixed on-line systems such as the Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA®) to portable in-field systems such as the icountACM20, and icountBSplus. All are designed to provide reliable accurate results in very short time.

The VCA is an on-line monitoring system with the capability of detecting solid and liquid contaminants and can be configured to shut off flow when contaminant levels exceeds your defined threshold perimeters. In addition, the telemetry option allows for remote monitoring on a global scale via cellular network.

The icount particle analyzers are designed for monitoring and testing of solid contaminants. Parker HFFD offers four types of systems depending on your application needs. All products can be used as an on-line monitoring system or be completely portable while providing real-time or immediate results with the capability of storing of test results.



The icountACM20 Portable Particle Counter has been developed from existing technology for monitoring contamination in AVTur and other hydrocarbon fuels, in accordance with Energy Institute (EI) Method IP 564.

In addition, the ACM can also be used to monitor fuels from existing sampling points in locations from refineries, pipelines, distribution terminals, fuel supply storage.

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