PoleStar Smart-E Refrigeration Dryers

Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division launched their new cycling refrigerant dryer series, PoleStar Smart-E (PSE) Series. With flows from 325-6000 scfm, Parker PSE replaces the current DRD Series Refrigerated Air Dryers.

PSE dryers are equipped with the new Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R-513A. With a GWP as low as 573, verses dryers that utilize R-134A (GWP 1430) and R-407C (GWP 1774), Parker PSE dryers are the best choice for protecting the environment and your investment.

In addition to the refrigerant improvement, the new PSE offers a plethora of upgrades that deliver improved performance, lower running costs, smaller carbon footprint, new user-friendly control interfaces, greater connectivity capabilities and much more.
PoleStar Smart-E Refrigeration Dryers

PoleStar Smart-E Refrigeration Dryers: PSE 325 - 6000, 60Hz - UL Listed

Compressed air systems inherently suffer from performance and reliability issues, most of which can be directly attributed to water in one form or another. In fact, water accounts for up to 99.9% of the total liquid contamination found in a compressed air system. Therefore, an air treatment is essential for manufacturing facilities reliant on compressed air for automation.

For general purpose or non-critical use of compressed air, refrigeration dryers are an ideal choice. Refrigeration dryers utilize a closed loop cooling system to lower the temperature of the compressed air to just above freezing, causing condensation of water vapor.

Most of the condensed liquid is then removed by an integral water separator and drained away. Prior to leaving the dryer, the compressed air is re-heated by the incoming compressed air to prevent condensation on the outside of the downstream distribution piping.

Refrigeration dryers should always be installed with general purpose and high efficiency coalescing filters and are an effective way to reduce water vapor, liquid water and water aerosols for general purpose compressed air applications.

Parker’s PoleStar Smart-E (PSE) dryers are the most environmentally friendly refrigeration dryers available. Designed to work with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, R513A, PSE complies with the requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency SNAP Rules 20 & 21 and European F-Gas Regulation (EU 517/2014). This makes Parker PSE the best choice to protect your investment, the climate, and the environment.

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