Patlite NHL-FV Network Monitoring Signal Tower with Cloud Compatibility

The NHL-FV facilitates communication between a wider range of devices within your network. By setting up email alerts, up to 8 different recipients can be notified when a change occurs or if prompt attention is required. The digital inputs of the NHL-FV connect devices that are not compatible with Azure, so that all your devices can be linked to the cloud. Additionally, it supports PING monitoring and is compatible with numerous protocols including HTTP, SOCKET (PNS, PHN), RSH, and SNMP TRAP.

Patlite NHL-FV Network Monitoring Signal Tower with Cloud Compatibility

NHL-FV Network Monitor Signal Tower Description

  • Compatible with Microsoft Azure and AWS for Cloud Application Monitoring.
  • Compatible with a range of protocols including SNMP, HTTP, PNS (Developed by PATLITE), Socket Transmission command protocols. Additionally, the alarms can send SNMP traps to network management systems.
  • Includes Built-in digital output and contact input and Line out function for external speakers.
  • Features continuous and flashing light, MP3 alerts, 24V DC (AC adaptor included).
  • Designed with a USB port for flash drives to update firmware, download event log, import/export settings, edit MP3 voice alerts.
  • MP3 voice alerts and other settings can be easily configured using its setup browser.
  • Alarms can trigger emails to be sent to up to 8 addresses per event so you will never miss a network signal.
  • 3-tier signal tower, equipped with clear lens
  • Compatible with DHCP

Patlite NHL-FV Network Monitoring Signal Tower with Cloud Compatibility

NHL-FV Network Monitor Signal Tower Features

Email Transmission
Send email reports of various network events to up to 8 addresses. The subject and body can be customized and can be automated to be sent in a variety of situations.

PING Monitoring
Ping up to 24 nodes simultaneously. While Ping is a basic diagnostic tool, the NH Signal Tower is able to notify you based on your priorities. For example, low priority ping response failures may trigger a flashing light, while higher priority failures will trigger an MP3 voice alert and send an email report, in addition to the flashing light.

Trap Monitoring
The NH Signal Towers are able to send, receive and analyze trap information and responds and/or notifies you appropriately.

HTTP Command
The NH Series accepts HTTP commands sent through a web browser or PLC to trigger NH Series visual and audible alert functions.

RSH Command
RSH can be used to automatically run commands based on even information from network management software and various monitoring tools on the NH Series to trigger visual and audible alert functions.

SOCKET Communitation
The NH Series accepts an application-level protocol called PNS (developed by PATLITE) to establish connection between client and server and to control visual and audibl alert functions.

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