Parker Velcon's CDFX™ Technology (Clean Dry Fuel eXtreme)

After the Surabaya incident in 2010, pressure began to mount in the Aviation Refueling market that SAP (Super Absorbing Polymer) monitor technology needed to be replaced.  With this knowledge, Parker Velcon began developing a fresh approach for into-plane fueling filtration technology.  Since there is no practical solution in designing absorbent containing monitors that can guarantee zero downstream extractables, water and dirt had to be stopped using proven dirt filtration and hydrophobic technologies. 

Parker Velcon CDFX™ (Clean Dry Fuel eXtreme)

Parker Velcon dedicated significant resources to developing a new technology branded CDFX™ (Clean Dry Fuel eXtreme). The goal for this project, from its inception, was to provide a product that is reliable in defending against both water and dirt contaminants at into-plane refueling. When Parker began working on this project years ago, they had very high expectations on the performance of the CDFX monitor.  Their laboratory testing to-date verifies that expectations are being met and they firmly believe that they can deliver a reliable, safety driven product.

Working closely with the Energy Institute, Parker Velcon supported the development of the EI1588 Water Barrier specification for element qualification.   This rigorous specification contains most of the same tests and all the same effluent requirements in the traditional EI1583 fuel filter monitor specification.  The twenty-one tests included in this specification consist of the rejection of emulsified and slug water, filtration of solids/dirt removal, salt water and DiEGME (FSII) resistance, and many challenges at varying fuel flow conditions.

There will be several product qualification steps and challenges before Parker can bring the product to market.  Presently, they are completing the required two iterations of their internal EI1588 qualification.  Parker is confident that they will complete this portion of the qualification in February 2019 and will submit this data to the Energy Institute for review and comment.  Given the current pace, they are expected to complete the Energy Institute industry witness qualification in late March or early April this year. Internal and external robustness testing will follow immediately. After the qualification and robustness testing is complete, Parker looks forward to collaborating with Airlines for America (A4A) and the Joint Inspection (JIG) to conduct the final step of field trials that can potentially begin as early as mid 2019.

Parker Velcon’s CDF-X™ Completes EI 1588 Qualification Testing

Parker Velcon CDF-X™ Stage II Robustness Test

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