Parker Velcon CDF-X™ EI 1588 Qualified Water Barrier Filters

2” OD EI 1588 Qualified Water Barrier Elements for Aviation Fuel Filtration

Parker Velcon CDF-X™ EI 1588 Qualified Water Barrier Filters
Parker Velcon is officially launching their highly anticipated, CDF-X™ Water Barrier Filter (WBF) – the only true drop-in replacement for 2” SAP monitor cartridges.

Since the industry’s decision to phase out SAP monitor elements by mid-2023, Parker Velcon has been diligently working on the first generation of WBF technology that is a true drop-in replacement for current EI 1583 2” monitor elements. CDF-X™ prevents both dirt and water from reaching the aircraft. Parker Velcon CDF-X™ elements are 100% qualified to EI 1588 1st Edition and can be installed at fueling locations not required to meet A4A or JIG operating standards; including General/Business/Private Aviation as well as Military Aviation.

For commercial applications, the CDF-X™ is currently undergoing JIPL field trials and it is highly expected to become a part of the operating manuals for both A4A and JIG in 2021.

The following qualified elements are available:
  • CDFX-205A
  • CDFX-210A
  • CDFX-215A
  • CDFX-220A
  • CDFX-225A
  • CDFX-230A

Since EI qualification, hundreds of CDF-X™ filter elements have been exposed to tests in the field including EI Phase II Robustness Tests, JIPL Field Trials, and independent General Aviation Field Trials. A large number of these General Aviation trial elements were returned to Parker's laboratory for examination and post use testing. In every case, the CDF-X™ elements have always passed structural, emulsion, and water slug testing. Engineering Manager, Lewis Wolfe, stated “I believe the CDF-X™ has been the most thoroughly tested, robust, and reliable fuel filtration technology ever developed. No matter what conditions the CDF-X™ filter is exposed to, it always does its job and prevents dirt and water from passing downstream. We have found this to be true over and over, for both new and used filter elements. We see no signs of performance degradation from contaminants or surfactants in the field.”

Parker Velcon CDF-X™ WBFs do not require the addition of any other equipment – simply remove current 2” monitors and replace with new CDF-X™ elements that offer identical flow rates to our CDF SAP Monitor. Unlike water absorbing elements, CDF-X™ elements repel water on the upstream (dirty) side of the element.

CDF-X™ is a state-of-the-art, cutting edge and highly efficient filter that provides the ultimate in CLEAN DRY FUEL™. Parker is very proud of the hard work and dedication of their team in getting this new filter ready for market. Nevertheless, they are not resting on their laurels – they’re taking what they’ve learned from this unique technology to advance Water Barrier Filtration! They are already hard at work on further R&D to enhance this first generation and produce the next generation of the CDF-X™.

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