Need to Reduce Vibration and Noise in Your Machines?

Vibration and noise control for stepper motors has been a focus of machine builders in recent years. Too much vibration can cause missed steps, and minimization of noise can widen applications outside of factory automation.

When a stepper motor takes a single step, there are some overshooting and undershooting that occurs. This vibration characteristic can be intensified by operating at the resonant frequency of the motor and load, or by other factors such as machining precision or winding characteristics of motors.

The good news is that recent advances in driver technology can help. Oriental Motor's new CVD drivers include features that were developed to specifically combat each type of vibration effectively. Since Oriental Motor manufactures both the motors and drivers, the result is a perfectly matched motor and driver with unmatched performance.

Watch the short video below for an introduction of the CVD driver features. Later in the video, you will see a "beads demo" that demonstrates the difference in vibration with Oriental Motor's new driver compared to a conventional model.

Demonstration of Noise and Vibration Characteristics in timeframe 1:47

Read this white paper to learn more about these CVD driver features in depth.

  • Improvement of Current Control
  • Maximum Torque with Current Correction
  • "Smooth Drive" Advanced Microstepping
  • Minimizing Torque Ripple

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